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This is a perfect snack, small meal or side dish - just add salad or your favourite meat. 

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Baked Chocolate & Chestnut Mousse

This mousse is not too sweet and can be paired with some berries (fresh or preserved) or a little bit of cream or creme fraiche.

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Risotto de Les Crozets avec Champignon et Saucisse

Crozets is a pasta originating from the Savoie region of France - it is a small square shaped and traditionally made with wheat or buckwheat.

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Salmon Rillettes

Modern twist on traditional rillette recipe using butter instead of animal fat to set the rillettes.

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Warm Bean Salad with Fresh Herbs and Olives

Great side salad dish to serve with chicken/fish or by itself as a lighter meal or vegetarian option.

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